I'm Alan Cox. And I am a recovering photographer.

My addiction began innocently enough at the tender age of 13, when I recklessly took the advice of a trusted adult at school who told me to try it. Just once. Just to know how it feels. I emptied my savings account and bought my first real camera. One shot, and I was hooked. Three decades later, I still can't take my finger off the trigger.

These days, I'm a hired gun who gets paid to shoot at the things I love—children, seniors, couples, families...and ear deafening live music. Some habits are just too hard to kick. There's no substitute for the rush of capturing the innocence and hope of little ones, the promise and personality of growing students, the passion and playfulness of promised lovers, and the stability and identity of an established family. 

Good images make me think things. Great images make me feel things. Those are the kind of images I can't stop pursuing. And I would be thrilled to capture some of them for you, your loved ones and generations to come.

I love my kids. The color blue and Diet Mountain Dew. I love Colorado. The game of baseball. And old school ideas like faith, hope and love. I love making stuff that people love. And I'm blessed to be able to work at it all the time, either behind the lens or behind the keyboard and monitor as the President/Creative Director of Cox Creative, a virtual advertising agency in South Denver.

But enough about me. Let's talk about you. And how we can make something magical together.